Anthony Jean-Claude’s Guide to Starting Flight Training

May 3, 2013

An accomplished pilot, Anthony Jean-Claude understands how overwhelming taking the first few steps toward flight training can seem. The entire process, however, simply starts with a passion for learning how to fly. When individuals show up for their first training class, Anthony Jean-Claude notes, they need nothing more than excitement about the prospect of learning and a driver’s license. Instructors will not expect individuals to have any specific knowledge or previous training. Before beginning the training process, students should consider purchasing insurance coverage, which they can discuss with the flight instructor. Instructors can point out various options to their students and let them make selections that fit their circumstances and goals.

As training progresses, individuals will need a student pilot certificate issued by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), which allows them to fly solo. Instructors will usually introduce students to a Designated Pilot Examiner, who can issue the certificate, or to an FAA Flight Standards District Office, which can connect them to an examiner.


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