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Anthony Jean-Claude – An Overview of Tai Chi

October 8, 2013

A longtime resident of Maryland, Anthony Jean-Claude currently directs the operations of Maryland Green BioFuel, an alternative energy company based in the state. As president of the company, Anthony Jean-Claude organizes shipments and trades oil. Aside from his professional responsibilities, he pursues fitness activities like Krav Maga and Tai Chi.

Question #1: What is Tai Chi?

Answer #1: An ancient Chinese discipline originally developed for self-defense, Tai Chi provides exercise that reduces stress. Also known as Tai Chi Chuan, it involves a series of physical movements combined with stretching exercises.

Question #2: Who can benefit from Tai Chi?

Answer #2: Tai Chi involves low impact movements and exercises and is generally safe for people of all ages and physical abilities, especially older individuals and those not accustomed to exercise.

Question #3: What health benefits exist for this type of exercise?

Answer #3: Tai Chi provides myriad benefits, including increased flexibility, balance, and muscle strength. It also helps reduce stress and joint pain and improve the overall quality of health of elderly individuals.


Anthony Jean-Claude: Relaxation Techniques Using Tai Chi

May 11, 2013
In today’s busy world, Anthony Jean-Claude regards tai chi as one of the best ways to relax. The art was first developed in China as a form of self-defense. The gentle movements associated with the practice, however, have become almost meditative for many practitioners. Tai chi helps connect the body and mind, encouraging a sense of harmony in both. One of the essential elements of the art is breathing. Practitioners must inhale deeply and concentrate on the act of breathing in and out, which focuses the mind and consequently reduces stress and anxiety.

While focusing on their breathing, tai chi practitioners can undertake several different techniques for stress reduction. In one popular motion, the individual stands flat on the floor and then gently rocks backward and forward, allowing the heels and then the toes to leave the floor. This motion triggers the release of tension at several important pressure points. Another technique involves sitting or kneeling. The practitioner then imagines water running over his or her body and washing away stress and anxiety. In another technique, the individual lies supine and then focuses mental attention on each part of the body, starting with the head and going down to the feet, releasing pains and relaxing each part of the body one by one.

Anthony Jean-Claude pursues a physically active lifestyle. To maintain his mental and physical fitness, he practices the martial art krav maga, as well as tai chi.